Flying With Luxury and Style: Most Expensive Private Planes. . .

Flying can sometimes be absolute torture for some of us with long excruciating airport security lines, to crying babies, to sick passengers freely passing on their germs to others. A lot of us find it very difficult to travel unless we have an opportunity to shift to business class, or that much money to afford a business class seat. There is no doubt with the fact that business class passengers are served better food, provided better facilities, and have better leg space and most important of all, no one will ever judge you for snoring or sleeping with an open mouth!
Wouldn’t it be really a dream come true if we were ever able to avoid all these hassles and fly peacefully in our own comfort zone in a luxurious and fastest way? Well, get ready to dream a little more to know about the most expensive private planes which provide the peaceful ride we desire for.

  1. Airbus A380 ($500 Million) :
    We all must think that Airbus A340-300 was very impressive and one of its kind. Well, a better version of it has entered the industry of most expensive planes i.e. Airbus A380 which is now known to be world’s largest passenger Airliner, offering around 5000 square feet of floor space and seating arrangement for over 800 people. This new Airbus is known to have a speed of 560 miles per hour and is owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Airbus A340-300 ($350 Million) :
    Just behind Airbus A380 is Airbus A340-300 which was earlier on top till Airbus A380 came into picture. This aircraft is also really good in seating arrangement with providing seating arrangement for around 300 people in a three class cabin design. This aircraft was introduced in March 1993 and today around 160 Airbus A340-300 are in use. This second most expensive private jet in the world belongs to business magnate Alisher Usmanov (a soviet born Russia’s richest businessman).
  3. Boeing VC-25 ($325 Million) :
    One the most famous plane in the list of America is Boeing VC-25 which is also popularly known as Air Force One. This special aircraft took his first flight in the year 1987 and was reserved for the presidential use on August 23, 1990. The aircraft has served all the presidents since then and is known to be the White House in the sky. Currently, the Aircraft was serving U.S. President Barack Obama but now as Trump has taken his place, the aircraft will soon be seen serving the new President.
  4. Boeing 747-430 ($233 Million):
    Well not many of us have millions to spend on private aircraft such as Boeing 747-430, but those who do then this model might entice you with its marvellous accommodations and amazing interiors. The Boeing 747-430 has a capacity to contain 200 passengers and consist efficient engines and a completely redesigned modular interior. The aircraft is majorly used by British Airlines and United Airlines and is also owned by Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei since October 1967. The sultan is known to be the wealthiest man on in world and love travelling around the world.
  5. Boeing 747-8 VIP ($150 Million):
    Boeing 747-8Vip made his official debut in the year 2011, with production being started in the year 2008. It is also recognized as one of the largest commercial aircraft built in the United States of America. This Boeing 747-8 has a maximum capacity to fly around 605 passengers at once and is known to have many desirable new features which attracted United States Air Force to consider this as the newest upgrade to Air Force One. We hope to see the new elected President of United States to travel around the world in this new Air Force One upgrade.These were just the top of the most expensive private planes around the world. The list of the same is very long and surprising but we must agree to a fact that private jets are worth all the expenses. 

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