Get A Flat Stomach With These Exercises. . .

Doesn’t everyone desire to have a good shape and a flat stomach! But it is sometimes very difficult to get a flat stomach, as according to the fitness experts’ flat stomach requires a lot of motivation and rigorous exercise. All trainers and gym specialists have always mentioned that it is not always easy to get the body you want, but it is not impossible also.
Flat stomach and fit body is something everyone is nowadays looking forward at, from celebrities to sports person to normal working women, everyone is focusing on a fit and perfect body and are surely working very hard to achieve one. So here is a list of some of the exercise which will help you get a flat tummy if you work hard daily.

  1. Mountain Climber:
    This exercise helps you work on your Arms, Abs, Legs, and Back. The exercise will focus on your full body movements. Start in a push-up position, with hands on the floor and below your shoulders, your body should always be straight during this exercise and should be extended behind you. Now, to get started with, bend your right leg and move it towards your chest, then slowly straighten it back to the starting position. Repeat the same with the left leg and do this in coordination for around 60 seconds, try to keep your butt and hips low.
  2. Side Hip Drop:
    Works on your waist, Back, Hips, and shoulders. Now try this one, try to lean on your left elbow with your body and right arm raised. Extend your right leg and bend your left leg behind you after this, lower your hips a few inches and then lift back up. Do as many times as you can in 30 seconds and then do the same with your left elbow side.
  3. Arrow Arm Crunch:
    Works on your ABS and Waist. For this exercise, you need to start on your back with your knees bent and feet surely flat on the floor. Use your ABS to lift your upper body as you straighten your arms and try to bring your hands together.
    Try to do this exercise for 30 seconds repeatedly with reaching to the left side, then back to the center, then again to the right side and back to the center.
  4. Leg Lift:
    Works on your Lower ABS and waist. For this exercise, you need to lie on your back and sit up on your elbows. Place your hands under your hips. Try to lift your both the legs of the floor when you bend your right knee and straighten the left. Your body will form a position of V. In the same position, try to lower your legs and then lift them up. Do this for 30 seconds with your right knee and then move on to left.
  5. Side Squat Reach:
    This will work on a lot of your body parts such as ABS, Waist, Shoulders, Back, and Thighs. So, first of all, you need to step out into a wide squat with your feet’s out and knees bent. You need to keep your upper body straight as you raise your right arm and bend or reach over to your left side. Do the same with your left hand and try to bend towards the right. Repeat this side to side for around 60 seconds.
  6. Torso Twist:
    This will help you work on your ABS, Shoulders, and Thighs. In a standing position, keep your legs a foot apart. Lift your arms and bring them behind your head. Now lift your left knee to the right elbow and twist your torso. And then return to the earlier position. Do this for two seconds and repeat the same with your left elbow and right leg.These exercises will surely help you in getting a flat tummy if you work with full motivation.

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