The Worst Tackles in the History of Football. . .

We all love watching football, aren’t we? For all the adrenaline rush it gives, along with a chance to see our favorite players competing against each other. But the game often takes a turn for the worst. Ironically, those worst tackles have made their places in history and people remember them when they talk about the match.
Let us see some of the worst tackles in the history of soccer.

  1. Norbert Siegmann vs Arminia Bielefeld
    This is one of the worst injuries in the football history. Midfielder Ewald Linen tried to get through Werder defender and as a result ran down the left plank. Norbert Siegmann was trying to stop Linen but miscalculated his steps which made Siegmann’s studs puncture Lienen’s right thigh.

  2. Roy Keane vs Manchester City
    When Roy Keane tried to tackle, he almost leaped into the air which swept Inge Haaland from the opponent off his feet, injuring him badly.

  3. Benjamin Massing vs Claudio Caniggia
    Argentina’s Benjamin Massing set off in full vigor and unfortunately kicked out a player from the opponent Cameron team who was obstructing his route.

  4. Nigel De Jong vs Xabi Alonso
    In the Netherland vs Spain match in 2010, the Dutch player Nigel De Jong punched a karate kick on the opponent Xabi Alonso’s chest.

  5. Harald Schumacher vs France
    This is one of the infamous moments in soccer history when West Germany’s goalkeeper hurled himself on Battiston from the opponent France team; he knocked three teeth out of the latter and leaving him unconscious on the field.

  6. Ben Thatcher vs Portsmouth
    When Portugal’s Pedro Mendes was trying to keep the ball in play, Manchester’s Ben Thatcher blocked him by his elbow which left Mendes unconscious on the field.

  7. Callum McManaman vs Newcastle
    Wigan player McManaman did a knee-high tackle during a Premier League Match on Newcastle’s Massadio Haidara.

  8. Ryan Shawcross vs Arsenal
    Ryan Shawcross hit Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey resulting in a ghastly leg fracture of the later. Unfortunately, Ramsey could not fully recover during that season’s matches.

  9. Axel Witsel vs Marcin Wasilewski
    In the Derby league match of 2009 between Standard Liege and Anderlecht, Alex Witsel of Liege played one of the hideous games of his career. While doing a tackle, he took one of the most beastly lunges on Anderlecht defender Marcin Wasilewski which left the latter with a double open tibia fracture.

  10. Chris Mavinga vs Carcela
    In the 2011 match between Genk vs Standard Liege, Mavinga, the Genk player while trying to tackle a loose ball swung his boot which accidentally landed on Liege player Carcela’s face leaving him with a broken nose and a dislocated jaw.

  11. Duncan Ferguson vs Raith Rovers
    During a match, Rangers and Everton hero Duncan Fergusson got into a clash with Jock McStay, player of Raith Rovers, all starting with a head butt. An altercation preceded this event and Ferguson had to spend three months in a prison after his fight with Jock McStay.


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