We Should Be Listening to These Ten Indian Music Producers. . .

When it comes to Indian music, we mostly think of two polar opposite things, both purely Bollywood music and music videos or purely traditional classical music. Consciously and unconsciously we have ignored the independent music or what we called the indie music, barring a few like Indian Ocean. But the scenario is changing with independent music slowly rising again.
Let us look at the top 10 independent Indian music producers.

  1. Nucleya
    Nucleya is the stage name of Udyan Sagar and it is one of the names to reckon within the Indie music genre. He loves to define his music as “dance music”.

  2. Nicholson
    Singer Sohrab Nicholson and producer Rohan Ramanna formed the band called Nicholson and they are hugely popular in the “electro-organic” guitar sound. Sohrab learned jazz piano from Nova Scotia but what he composed is completely different from what he learned.

  3. The F16s
    The musical group hails from Chennai originally and has played across all the major festivals in the country. They have played in all editions of the NH7 Weekender, Nagaland Hornbill Festival, ZimaFest and many more. Their music starts with vocals first followed later by the lyrics.

  4. Fuzzy Logic
    There is nothing fuzzy about the music of this group founded by Arfaaz Kagalwala. He cleverly mixes up house and bass music and finishes them off with rich vocals and intelligent sound mixing to create his signature electronic act.

  5. Dualist Inquiry
    Sahej Bakshi, electronic musician, and producer created this musical group and he keeps his tracks mainly music based and doesn’t depend on lyrics much. His experimental live mixing and guitar solos have helped him create a niche for himself.

  6. Parvaaz
    If fusion rock is your forte, then you should listen to Parvaaj. Their rock music infused with Indian classical definitely ups the ante whenever they play. Their vocals are mainly Urdu, Hindi, and Kashmiri.

  7. Midland Sparks
    Midland Sparks is the brainchild of Pune-based music producer Maitreya Rajurkar. He is said to be heavily inspired by international artists like Squarepusher Aphex Twin. He trades into multiple genres including futuristic bass music, crisp beats, and shaky groves.

  8. Hari and Sukhmani
    The musical duo excels in Punjabi folk music by mixing them up with electronic music. Sukhmani lends her trained and perfect vocals and Hari complements her voice beautifully with the electronic orchestration.

  9. The Local Train
    This musical band hails from Delhi and became a YouTube sensation lately. Their videos reached a million views and the band was declared as India’s No. 1 Rock Band by Sennheiser in 2015. Their genre is Indian, Pop and Indie Rock but they admit that they don’t restrict themselves to any particular genre and uses music to express themselves.

  10. Madboy
    Imaad Shah, son of Naseeruddin Shah is one of the leading guitarists in this band. He can play multiple instruments which create some soul-stirring music. Saba Azad, actress and singer forms the other half of the band by lending her soulful voice. Although their genre is pop, yet they hate to restrict themselves to any particular genre.


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