8 Hot women of Westeros. . .

While we all eagerly wait to see ‘The winter has come’, there are a few hot women from Westeros that we miss. Here they are to revive the memories of all the six seasons.
Well, if there was a contest we would be confused whom to pick as the most beautiful. As everyone is Beautiful, they are born beautiful, and they even die beautiful! Here is a list of all those beauties from the seven kingdoms.

  1. Cersei Lannister as Lena Headey
    The fortune teller whom Cersei visits in her childhood, tells her that she would become the queen one day and bear three children. But unfortunately, none of her kids will live long enough. The fortune teller also predicts that Cersei would be the queen until someone young more beautiful would take away everything Cersei holds dear. Lena Headey is so beautiful, that it is hard to believe she is forty years old.
  2. Carice Van Houten as Melisandre
    Popularly known as the lady with red hair, has all the power from the fire God who directs her and ‘Shows her the Path’. The love for this lady went to extremes when she brought John Snow back to life. She sure is beautiful, powerful, passionate, magical, and wild at the same time. She seduces King Stannis with his wife’s permission and also becomes the reason why Stannis’ daughter was burnt alive. Her mysterious sexiness adds spice to the story.
  3. Sibel Kekilli as Shae
    The keep of the most intelligent dwarf, and the hand of Sansa Stark. She loves the Lion Lannister. This lady is a total hotness on the show. Some think she is not in love with her lion while others think she is. The verdict is still awaited. Sibel Kekille was working in german pornography before finding her role in The GOT.
  4. Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei
    The Unsullied infantry commander Missandei was a slave before the Dragon Queen freed her and asked her to be the translator. Nathalie found her role in in the drama after her success in the movie Fast and Furious-7
  5. Sansa Stark as Sophie Turner
    Sansa was a delicate darling who has come out as strong women in the sixth season. She was proposed to be married to Price Joffrey when she comes of age. But Joffrey’s mother plotted against her at every possible chance. Sansa lost her entire family but her rise against the Ramsay was commendable.
  6. Rose Leslie as Ygritte
    Lover of John Snow, who keeps quoting ‘You know nothing John Snow.’ She was one among the wildlings and she was unaware that John Snow was a double agent for the Night watch. When she came to know, she wanted to kill John Snow with her arrow. She met an unfortunate death but John snow broke the vow of chastity for this lady, and we think she was worth it.
  7. Natalie Dormer as Margery Tyrell
    She married King Joffrey and he died on the day of her wedding. Cersey was worried again because Margery was about to marry her youngest son King Tommen. Margery was known for her beauty, her love for the people, and revealing gowns.
  8. Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen
    It is said the ‘the best should be reserved for the last’. Sansa, Margery may be the most beautiful ladies in the Kings landing but, Daenerys’ beauty is a global gossip. She was the wife of the Horse Lord-Khal Drogo. She won his heart and also the hearts of her followers. She was the one who banished slavery and she is the mother of Dragons. The 26 year old English beauty is now one of the most admired celebrities across the globe.
    We all can’t wait to see the Last season and the beauties again.

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