Ever imagined looking at a painting of parrot, admiring its beauty and then finding out that the parrot is not actually a parrot but a human body art! Today, art has grown widely and there are few artists who cleverly use the human body to create art illusions. Basically, human bodies are painted and are turned into art illusions such as animals, cars, flowers, bikes, and such. Photography here also plays a big role in making the illusion what it is since it has to be captured in certain angles and certain lighting.
Here are few amazing body art illusions that would simply blow your mind:

  1. A Frog
    A very well-known painter Johannes Stoetter is the winner of 2012 World Bodypainting Championship. This tree frog was created using five human models and has amazing detailed work.
  2. A Chameleon
    This chameleon is actually hand-painted on two women. The body painting is brilliantly done and can easily deceive the viewer. This one is also created by the painter Johannes Stoetter.
  3. Woman on Bike
    Another renowned bodypainting artist Trina Merry has utilized human bodies as artistic canvas and in her “Human Motorcycle Project”, she has used many human models to create an illusion.
  4. The Invisible Woman
    Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque’s artwork of invisible woman would make you look at the painting twice. The brilliantly done artwork which shows a woman sitting on a bench is amazing. When you take the first look at the painting, you will see only the woman’s face and her bare shoulders while at the second look, you will see the layers of painting on her body.
  5. A boy and a Landscape
    Johannes Stoetter has also painted landscape based images and this is one of them. It is a very simple landscape consisting of the sky and green grass. The painting shows an almost invisible boy standing in the middle of grass who almost merges with the background.
  6. Cacti
    This image is truly a brilliant and amazing job done by Johannes Stoetter. The man’s face is extremely calm, eyes closed, and exactly in between two cacti leaves. Cacti thrones that look just as same as the ones on leaves are drawn on his head, thus completing the look perfectly.
  7. A Human Car
    Trina Merry definitely excelled herself with this car that has the tagline “Made of Pure Muscle”. A human car that has been excellently painted and set against grey skies is actually a portrayal of Fiat 500 Abarth. Trina worked with her mentor Craig Tracy to get this one right.
  8. A Buddhist Temple
    A human Buddhist temple that has been colored maroon and golden and set against pure black background looks absolutely mind-blowing. The temple gets its strong look from the lady who in sitting cross-legged at the doors and is colored in golden. The reflection of the temple on the floors gives off an amazing look.

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