7 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies In The World. . .

Most countries have agencies who make their nation powerful and find the internal and external threats that lie to their nation. Here is a list of world most powerful agencies which protects their nation against all odds.

  1. ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence)
    Pakistan Headquarters: Islamabad
    Founded: 1948
    Pakistan’s ISI is believed to be world’s most powerful Intel agency. The power of this agency can be determined by the fact that the agency runs the country and the army of the country. The agency is the backbone of the government. Their most important victory was defeating The USSR in Afghanistan.
  2. RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), India
    Headquarters: New Delhi
    Founded: 1968
    The Raw is concerned with the external affairs of the country. The main focus of this agency is to track the movement of its neighbor nation. This agency played a vital role in the creation of Bangladesh in 1971. The organization was successful in finding out Pakistan’s nuclear weapons laboratory.
  3. MOSSAD (HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim Meyuḥadim), Israel
    Headquarters: Tel Aviv
    Founded: 1949
    The Godfather of Intel agency is MOSSAD. MOSSAD takes up most daring and tough operations and MOSSAD is the only reason why Isreal is strong, even after being surrounded by enemies from all sides.
    One of the most famous missions was the rescue of all Israeli’s from the Ugandan President. The agents dressed like Ugandan army, and one was made even look like the president. During this mission, they destroyed many Ugandan Jets.
    MOSSAD was also successful in killing the conspirators of 11 Israeli athletes killed during 1972 Olympics.
  4. CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), U.S.A.
    Headquarters: Fairfax, Virginia
    Founded: 1947
    The CIA is one of the reason for America being the super power and dominating the world. One of their biggest successes was finding Osama Bin Laden and assassinating him. They also overthrew the public elect president of Guatemala.
    They have had many failures as well. But they are still one of the most powerful agencies in the world.
  5. MI6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6), UK
    Headquarters: London
    Founded: 1909
    MI6 is the oldest Intel of the world. The agency has been in existence since World War 1. Britain has won many wars because of MI6. It helped the UK to win over Hitler and stay out of his rule.
    They are helped by all major agencies to fulfill their missions.
  6. GRU (Main Intelligence Agency), Russia
    Headquarters: Moscow
    Founded: 1918
    The Soviet Union’s intelligence agency which takes care of foreign intelligence. Because of GRU, Russia has risen again and it has been able to gain its ground as the superpower.
  7. MSS (Ministry of State Security), China
    Headquarters: Beijing
    Founded: 1983
    MSS looks into both internal and external affairs of China. Other than keeping the Intel of the foreign nations, it works towards maintaining the popularity of the Communist party. It has been successful in curbing wars and anti government revolts. The strength of the party is totally dependent on MSS.

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