Lesser-known Facts about comedian Kapil Sharma that will leave you amazed!. . .

From working in a PCO to becoming one of the most popular Indian, Kapil Sharma has definitely come a long way. His story is truly inspiring and confirms that it doesn’t matter if you are from a small town or a big one if you work hard sky is the limit. Here are some of the facts you did not know about Kapil Sharma.

  1. He worked in a P.C.O, a cloth mill, and he even picks crates to earn a livelihood.
    In an interview, Kapil told that he struggled for 15 years to reach where he is now. He worked in a P.C.O to earn his pocket money while he was in his tenth standard. He also worked in theatres and did small shows. Even when he was not paid, he continued to work because acting was his passion.
  2. Kapil has no Godfather.
    We have seen many stars making it big only because they had a Godfather who made their journey easy but not Kapil. He used to teach theatre and he had this quality of making people laugh. Because of which he decided to make his career in comedy.
  3. He has a diploma in Computer Science and studied commercial arts
    In another interview, Kapil told that many colleges sponsored his education because they wanted him in their Drama and theatre team. Adding humor, he said, when the college asked him which course he wanted to join he replied by saying the most expensive one. He said that he loved Computer science because that was the only room in the college that had AC. But in reality, he had nothing to do with these two subjects. Theatre was his only true love.
  4. He has won 9 reality shows
    His first break was in Haste Hasate Raho on MH One. He worked in that for quite some time until he made it to The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. He became the winner of this show in the year 2007. But his true stardom came from ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’.
  5. He was rejected in the audition round of ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’
    Kapil was rejected for the audition of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge but his school friend Raju who plays the role of a servant in Kapil’s show was selected. Kapil was determined to make it hence he auditioned again in Delhi where he got selected and won the show.
  6. Kapil wants to make a career in singing
    We have seen Kapil singing on the sets of Comedy Nights and we know that he is very keen about singing as well. He has an offer from a music company. Kapil wants to launch his Sufi Punjabi album in the future.
  7. He had a girlfriend, but he has no plans of settling down soon.
    She was with him in college theater. She married a Gujarati store owner in London and Kapil met her coincidentally in London.\
  8. Kapil dreams of building an old age home
    Kapil wants to build a home for the elderly. He is an animal lover too and is seen campaigning for saving the tortured animals across the country.

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