Few expected athletes like Sania Mirza and Abhinav Bindra did not meet people’s expectations this year at Rio Olympics but few rising stars like Sakshi Malik and PV Sindhu made up for it. However, this year Olympics saw another kind of interests from audience i.e. joking on Twitter. Twitter is definitely the best place to express your opinions and also who can stop anyone from doing so. Here are few such tweets that were made during Olympics that would make you forget about actual games:

  1. Opinion on how to perform better in Olympics
    The guy definitely has a point. Parents have a mindset of focusing more on theoretical subjects rather than sports and practical one. Sports come secondary. However, that is gradually changing nowadays.
  2. What Michael Phelps would do with his Medals if he were an Indian
    This is a typical Indian thinking yet is so hilarious that it would make you share further with many others.
  3. How to win more medals
    The loss of few expected medals surely disappointed everyone. This tip that is offered here on how to select Olympic athletes is a sure shot way of assuring more medals.
  4. Some positive thought
    This one is definitely a mood-lifter. And also when you anyhow want your country ahead in the game.
  5. When Bolt’s speed is compared to just anything
    Bolt is unbeatable. Even in typing speed.
  6. Everyone has had their moment
    This one cannot be argued. We all know how proud moment this one was.
  7. Kohli needed
    Kohli is surely the answer to everything. One way or other he would do the job needed.
  8. How to make up for the lack of medals
    This is a good solution to make up for the medals that we lost.
  9. Some versatility needed
    This is a good idea. Bolt vs. Phelps would be a vision to enjoy.
  10. Spot on
    This mentality sure exists. This guy definitely knows what he is talking about.
  11. What to do with Phelps’ gold medals
    Indians surely come up with innovative ideas. This one is practical which some Indians may end up implementing.

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