Countries to move to because Trump is the President. . .

As scary as it may sound, but yes, it is true that Donald J Trump is the new president of the United States of America. He is your president for the next 5 years, and he has already banned residents of 7 countries from entering the United States. This also includes green card holders and people who were on the plane on the day of the ban. But if you are considering to move out of America, here are some countries that will be a good option.

  1. New Zealand
    This country tops our list because of the obvious reasons, Lord of the Rings was shot here. The pretty village where the Hobbits lived. Besides the amazing scenery the crime rate in New Zealand is very low. There is no racial discrimination and it is a good place to raise your kids, which makes it an obvious pick for the top country to move in.
  2. Switzerland
    Who would not want to wake up to the sight of the beautiful alps and eat the swiss chocolate! The expiates have reported earnings of 2,00,000 a year. This country is the perfect get away from the scary president. The one prime reason why it tops our list is because everything is a poster like in this country, you take a shot from your camera and it looks straight out of the poster.
  3. Luxembourg
    People love to live in this place because this country is like the money making machine. It is the financial capital of Europe. There are many job opportunities and people. If you are a nature lover, you will love this country’s northern part and what it has to offer.
  4. Singapore
    Yes, Singapore!! It is a tax haven and the biggest financial gateway of South East Asia. The small island beholds endless opportunity for everyone who comes here to settle down. Salaries are very attractive here but the education is expensive here. But it is one the best place you can raise your kids.
  5. Germany
    Germany is all about perfection. The products are perfect, the people from Germany are very kind and lively. Germany is also inexpensive to live in. The quality of life is very high in Germany.
  6. Canada
    All your life you might have thought who moves to Canada, but you might be surprised to know that ‘Move to Canada’ has been the most googled term after Trump became the President. But if you are considering to move, you very well can. People are loving here and very friendly. They have friendly immigration policies.
  7. Equador
    The cost of living in Equador is as low as 2000 Dollars. Many people feel that Equador can be there forever home. People are happy with the standards of their lives in Equador.  It is a great place to have a social life. The cost of living is less in Equador and hence you do not need to be the money making machines in Equador.
    Let us know which country you settled because Mr. Trump is the President.

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