10 Facts from the Dark Knight Rises That Bothered Us. . .

We all love the Batman movie series directed by the ace director Christopher Nolan and The Dark Knight Rises from the series is one of our favorite. But during the course of the movie, there are some scenes which either bothered us or made us think whether we believe what we are watching?

  1. How did Bane find out about Batman’s identity?
    When Bane and Batman first come together in the film, we see that Bane is already aware of Batman’s identity. Bane likely learned it from his boss Talia Al Ghul who again came to know of it from Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia’s father. But the timeline doesn’t seem convincing.
  2. How did Bane know about Bruce Wayne’s applied science?
    Another bothering fact is how Talia and Bane come to know about Bruce Wayne’s Applied Sciences, a wing of Wayne Enterprises and that it was Batman’s armory. Yet they successfully build a hideout underneath it.
  3. Blake gets the impression that Bruce Wayne is actually Batman
    Although it’s evident from the earlier Batman movies that Bruce can don many roles when the time appears and only the audience can tell in one chance that he is Batman. But how did Blake made out from one interaction that he is indeed Batman is baffling?
  4. The SEC backs Bane’s fraudulent trades
    It’s pretty clear from the movie that what Bane was dealing with was completely illegal? The problem is why did the SEC gives in to his fraudulent demand is not clear.
  5. Bruce and Talia having sex
    This scene doesn’t add anything to the movie and is just a bland addition to the movie. One scene shows them making out and the next scene they are lying naked and Talia’s betrayal, in the end, doesn’t leave an impact.
  6. Batman became a street artist
    When Bruce returns to the seized Gotham city, he chalks out a plan to rescue Commissioner Gordon and John Blake and in the meantime makes a huge bat symbol with a flare of gasoline. This timeline too doesn’t seem convincing.
  7. Selina
    Anne Hathaway’s Selina is seen to be an expert in adopting fake identities and hack super encrypted passwords from Wayne’s expensive safe. It looks glaringly contradictory when she is seen to be in need of the Clean Slate program so badly in the movie.
  8. How does Bruce get back to the Gotham city?
    The scene where Bruce walks back into the Gotham city seems unrealistic. He is bankrupt, his closest aid Alfred is nowhere in the scene, he doesn’t even have any identification of his own and yet he makes an entry into the city covered by Ben’s man from all sides.
  9. The Bat is untraceable to Ben
    Even after the seizure of the Gotham city, Bruce’s Bat is stuck on the roof of a building where Wayne left it. It’s quite impractical that none of Ben’s people checked the building during their occupation in the city.
  10. The Prison
    The Prison seems the most utopian in the movie. The prison doesn’t seem to have any guards, nor the one who runs it is visible and how can people climb it to freedom and free all the others?

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