9 Reasons Why Girls Love Clean Shaven Guys. . .

Beard beard everywhere. Do you find it attractive? Probably not much. Not all women are into bearded men because of number of reasons. Having beard is trend these days but clean shaven look is in trend since ages and it never goes out of fashion. Women have a lots of things in mind when they are looking for a partner and clean shaven look is one of the qualities which most of them prefer. Many men believe that growing beard makes them serious and attractive and ladies love this. But a recent study shows that women love clean shaven guys more than the bearded ones. That’s absolutely true. Read below 9 reasons why girls are more into clean shaven guys.

  1. Clean shaven guys look extremely sexy as compared to guys with beard.
  2. According to various studies, clean shaven guys are more confident, smart, intelligent and sharp too.
  3. Whether you are wearing formal or informal, you look classier in your clean shaven look. And girls love it about you.
  4. Clean shave guys look less aggressive and younger no matter how old they are. Who doesn’t want to date a younger looking guy?
  5. Clean shaven guys look presentable. No girl wants to date a rough bearded man who looks like a homeless!
  6. Your girlfriend will not get irritated ever while kissing or cuddling you. After all, you are clean shaved and free of that patchy beard!
  7. When going for a date, it’s important to have a clean shaven look so that the girl can see your complete face features. It’s opposite when you have beard.
  8. Clean shave shows that you care about your appearance and girls love those guys who take care of themselves.
  9. Hritiik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan, Christian Grey, Zayn Malik; yes girls love them for their clean shaven and seductive look.

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