Top reasons why young people become terrorists. . .

Terrorism is by no means an acceptable act. Yet, there are many young people who get influenced and decide to take the path where there is no honor. Terrorism is either practiced due to self-promotion reasons or to get rid of a political party/person. Here are the top reasons why people become terrorists.

  1. Poverty and lack of education
    Education has the power to open your mind and give you the power of reasoning. But most people who take up terrorism are illiterate. They accept what is told to them and do not reason the difference between the good and the evil.
    Poverty is also one of the reasons which force people into crime. It always seems to be the easy way out. Developmental policies and increasing employment opportunities can help control terrorism.
  2. Thrill in life
    Some people join terror group just because they find it is an exciting experience. We see news around us every day, and it is full of terror activities, crime stories, murder, bombing. Some kids turn this news in their fantasy and they get attracted towards terror.
  3. Identity crisis
    Most people who join terror group are the ones who think they are not accepted by the society. They want to prove themselves and let the world know, ‘ who they are?’. They think that if they commit crimes they can prove themselves. Statistics say that out of all the foreigners who joined Al- Qaeda, 2032 people joined only because of the identity crisis. This can be stopped if kids are taught not to mock others and if parents appreciate their kids.
  4. Unwilling Indulgence
    There are many terrorists who do not wish to join terror groups, but they are kidnapped while they are young. Their villages, towns, and families are either burnt or killed. They have no one to go back to. Hence, they choose to stay in terror groups as they start considering it as their family.
  5. Attention seeking
    Some Youths are inspired by the effectiveness of terror. They think that creating chaos, pain, suffering, and creating havoc gets them immediate attention. It makes them famous. This attitude leads many to join the path.
  6. Injustice
    There are many people who are deprived of their rights and they become angry with the society and the social system as a whole. Many a times society is to be blamed for creating terrorist. People are not given a chance to raise their voice, which results them to commit a crime and get the attention they were looking for. Once they get the attention, they forget the reason for the rebel.
  7. Psychological reason
    Sometimes the environment that they are around makes them mentally sick. They start committing heinous crimes because they think that way they will eliminate the injustice from the society.
  8. Religious Conflict
    None of us are born with a religion, but many die for its cause. Many dividers of the society infiltrate young minds with a sense that their religion is the best. And all other religions are inferior. The infitrators also say that the right way to live life is to accept their religion. This causes war and hatred amongst people. And many innocent people die as no one is ready to hear a single word when it comes to their religion. But we must all remember that there is on biggest religion that surpasses everything which is ‘HUMANITY’.

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