Beauty With The Brain Is Rare To Find And These Beauty Queens Prove It!. . .
The question-answer round in beauty pageants is kept for a reason. The presence of mind, having opinions about certain issues and intelligence is equally important as having physical beauty. However, it is a given fact that not all beauty queens have a high level of IQ or not all can come up with expected answers amidst the pressure they are under at that point. Hence, over a period of time, this has led to some of the weird moments on stage where the models came up with hilarious, dumb, and shocking answers. Here are few such incidents:

  1. Lauren Caitlin Upton, 2007

    Lauren Caitlin Upton participated in Miss Teen USA competition of 2007 and represented South Carolina. She was asked to give her opinion on the fact that a fifth of Americans cannot locate the US on a world map to which she stated that it was because some people in their nation do not have maps. She clearly got confused after that bringing up education in South Africa and Iraq.

  2. Giosue Cozzarelli, 2009

    The answer that Giosue Cozzarelli came up with during Miss Panama pageant of 2009 is simply hilarious. She was asked to explain the quote by Confucius “Learning without thought is labor lost”. She answered this by saying confusion was invented by Confucius.

  3. Sanja Papic, 2003
    Sanja Papic who was the third runner in Miss Universe 2003 pageant was asked whether she would choose to be fire or water and why. Her answer to this was, “Well, I’m a human being and I don’t know how it is to be fire or water, and from that reason I really don’t have answer to this question because I’m a human being, I’m a girl, who has an emotion, and fire and water don’t.”
  4. Priyanka Chopra, 2000
    Priyanka Chopra who was crowned Miss World in 2000 too features in this list. She was asked to name a living woman whom she thought was the most successful. To this, she replied, “There are a lot of people I admire, but one of the most admirable people is Mother Teresa, who has been so compassionate, considerate, and kind.” Her answer has only one flaw- Mother Teresa died in 1997.
  5. Alicia-Monique Blanco, 2009
    At the pageant of Miss USA 2009, Miss Arizona Alicia-Monique Blanco was asked whether the US should have universal healthcare as a right of citizenship. She was clearly clueless about this and she replied that it is an issue of integrity regardless of which end of the political spectrum she stands on and that she was raised in a family where they know right from wrong and politics. However, regardless of her answer, she was the 2nd runner-up.
  6. Jeanie Anderson, 2001

    In the pageant of Miss Philippines 2001, Jeanie Anderson was asked to choose between being beautiful and not so smart, or being brilliant and not so beautiful. She replied, “Well, I’d rather choose to be beautiful, um because, to be beautiful it’s natural. But being smart you can learn…you can learn, um a lot of things…a lot of things from the experience…you can learn from a lot of things being smart.”


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