Best Game Of Thrones Moments That Took Our Breath Away. . .
Game Of Thrones has every single watcher hooked. It is now one of those series for whose episodes the audience eagerly look forward to, live every moment with them, feel every emotion with them and such. This is also because there is so much happening in each episode that every episode leaves the audience shaken. Gruesome death scenes, sharp dialogues, action, and romance is what Game of Thrones is made up of.
Here is looking back to few of the best Game of Thrones moments:

  1. When Bran was pushed out of tower
    This was at the end of Season 1 when Bran climbed Winterfell’s one of the abandoned towers. There he discovers Jaime and Cersei in the middle of the make-out session after which Jaime throws Bran out of the tower with the intention of killing him. This moment is the start of the conflict between Lannisters and Starks while it also cripples Bran.
  2. When Dany chains her dragons
    Dany’s dragons have been extremely powerful and her weapons which she used to overthrow armies, sack cities but that slowly got out of her hand. However, in the last episode of Season 4, Dany found out that her most powerful dragon had roasted a girl alive and thus killed her. This made Dany take the decision of chaining her dragons up.
  3. When Arya kills Meryn Trant
    The overall scene when Arya killed Meryn Trant has a lot of dramatic effects. Arya catches up with Meryn Trant, delivers a powerful revenge speech, stabs his eyes out and all these create a real adrenaline pumping moment.
  4. When Jon Snow died
    Season 5 was for sure full of surprises. Nobody really had the slightest idea that Jon Snow would be lured out into the snow only to be brutally stabbed to death and that too by his sworn brothers. This one was surely unexpected and something that moved the audience to their very core. Some even started talking about the idea of Jon’s resurrection after this.
  5. When Robb Stark was proclaimed to be the “King in the North”
    Season 1 laid the stones to roller coaster ride that would be followed very carefully and in the most amazing manner. The moment when soldiers were lured from their tents to the chants of “The King in the North” was a rare and essential moment. This was when Robb Stark was declared to be the new ruler and thus bringing all the focus on the pawns.
  6. When Ygritte breaks up with Jon Snow
    This is probably the most anxious and violent break-up scene in the history of television. Jon Snow escapes from the Wildings when Ygritte catches up with him. He does get home but only after Ygritte shot him some arrows to let him know what a bastard he has been.
  7. When Tyrion gave an amazing closing speech
    Tyrion’s trial and his speech was maybe the most powerful moment and also contains season’s best acting. That part of the trial when Tyrion realizes that Shae gave false evidence against him you can almost share his pain, anger and the feeling of betrayal.

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