6 Biggest Mistakes Made By Women In Bed. . .

No one is so perfect in bed as we all wish but by keeping a few things in your mind before intercourse you will be able to avoid all mistakes that you generally do on the bed. Sex is not a one-way activity but it involves both partners. Men alone are not responsible for all mistakes made on the bed but women too make many mistakes which they never confess.

  1. Never Initiating

    Your bed partner is your life partner also, and he too has some expectations from you which he may or may not discuss with you. If he is dedicated to pleasing you on the bed, you must not be a selfish lover and should approach him for sex.
  2. Faking the orgasms
    Fake orgasms are wrongly believed to be the boost up for your partner which is not true. By Faking you will never let him know what really work for you. Dear ladies don’t think he is incapable of doing something you want but give him a chance to do so.
  3. Not giving him perfect blowjobs
    You love when he go down then why don’t you give him his part of the pleasure. He too wants the blowjob sessions and you must not skip it.
  4. Overdoing the Talks before and after sex
    I know that girls are really experienced in talking on various issues but when it come to romance you should avoid talking much as he too needs to show his affection to you but only if you will let him do so. Talking after sex is sometimes impossible for him as he’d already spent all his energy in romance and now he must need some rest to restore his energy for playing you next time.
  5. Keeping him in the dark
    Darkness may be a comfort zone for you but sex is a two-way activity and it needs the involvement from both side. By keeping him in dark you just avoid your part of involvement.
  6. Skipping Hygienewallup.net
    Don’t skip this most important part of romance. While going for a date with your partner or having him with you on a bed, you must beware of all hygienic issues. Having haired or shaved pussy is all your choice but hygiene shouldn’t be skipped. Take a shower and remove all foul smell and infections from your body before you melt into him.




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