Guide To Get Perfect Haircut According To Your Face Shape. . .
Nowadays getting a perfect haircut is more than just going to the right saloon. You may spend hours surfing through various celebrities photos to find that perfect cut, only to realize that the image you had in mind did not match the end result. However, this does not mean that you stick with your old haircut. You just need to know which haircut will flatter your face and thus will change your entire look. The key is just to know what face type do you exactly have and which would be the perfect haircut for you.
Here is the guide to knowing the haircut that will suit your face type:

  1. Oval Face
    For those women who have an oval face, you can basically try anything and that includes going extreme like having extremely long hair or extremely short hair. Just keep the hair voluminous and off the forehead. You can experiment a lot but you just have to be careful with the choosing part. A wrong choice of haircut can take make you look all wrong.
  2. Square Face
    Having short to medium length hair will suit your face and you can try hairstyles like bangs that are swept to one side, wispy hair that falls on your face that are wavy or those styles that will create height at the crown. Such hairstyles will soften your jaw line and will highlight your face too.
  3. Heart Face
    Those having heart shaped face would need to add a bit of length to your face and also create width around your chin. Thus any chin-length hairstyle would work in your favor like side-swept bangs, wispy layered shoulder length cuts, and such. Avoid going for short hairstyles that would emphasize your upper part of the face.
  4. Triangular Face
    Those women who have triangular shaped face would normally want to widen your forehead and thus narrowing your chin. Hence, any layered hairstyle would suit you and will help in softening your very prominent jawline. Avoid having solid bob cuts which would bring attention to your chin area.
  5. Diamond Face
    With a diamond shaped face you would need to minimize your wider looking cheekbones and also balance a narrow chin. Thus, try opting for such hairstyles like chin length bob cuts, straight across bangs, shoulder length wispy look and hence, basically such hairstyle that can be tucked behind your ears and hence highlight cheek bone structure.
  6. Round Face
    If you have a round-shaped face, opt for such hairstyles that would add length and thus give off an illusion of a narrower face shape. Go for bangs only if they can be swept across your face. Longer hairstyles such as steppes or layers would look great. You can also opt for having shorter hairstyles, as they would highlight your overall face.
  7. Oblong Face
    With oblong shaped face, you have to be very careful with the hairstyles you choose as some hairstyles can end up giving your face an even longer look. Hence opt for styles that are medium in length like graduated bob cuts or wedges. Layered hairstyle and straight across bangs would also look very good. Highlight your hair at chin and shoulders to get the maximum out of the hairstyle.

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