Here Are Some Stunning Hair Shades According To Your Skin Tone. . .

Sapna Vyas Patel

It’s little tricky to choose the right hair shade which not only suits you but also adds a glow to your face. The blonde, black or red hair color are the basic ones but besides these, there are infinite colors. And it’s really impossible to pick from those tiny color sample books. By choosing the right color, you can make your skin look great. We are going to show you few of the amazing colors which will complement your skin tone. Read below 9 different hair shades and their skin tone suitablilty:

    1. Black

Everyone can pull of black hair look easily. It’s suitable for all kinds of skintones. You can wear colorful accessories on your hair to give it a perfect look.

  • Deep Red

If you have neutral skin tone then deep red hair color will look best on you. It also looks great on the girls who have warm undertone with fair complexion.

Those who have fair skin with red undertone will look great in cool red hair color. Your skin will glow if you have this hair shade rather than looking plain.

If you have fair skin with blue undertones, then gold, caramel, butterscotch is your perfect option. Amber and caramel blonde is also a great choice for you.

This is such a tricky hair shade that only looks good on few people. Girls who have pale white complexion with blue undertones can go for this shade which has silver touch in it.

Medium skin with warm undertones should dye their hair in warm brown color. There are many colors which in warm brown including amber, cinnamon and honey.

Have you got fair complexion with yellow undertone? Then go for a cool bown hair shade that includes mocha, chocolate or chestnut. It will brighten up your skin.

All the olive and dark skinned beauties, dye your hair in burgundy color and you’ll look stunning. You can even go for burgundy highlights or lowlights.

Most of the girls love to dye their hair in yellow, pink, blue, green or other bright colors. But you need to be very careful while deciding which color will suit your skintone. The best way to have such colors on your hair is to dye them in form of streaks.


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