Top 7 Things Every Woman Wants In Her Man. . .

It’s all about little things for a woman. She is never after big things or qualities that are out of the league. She doesn’t really want much from a man except for these little things that make a huge difference in a relationship.

There are 7 qualities that every woman looks for in her man. These are not hard to find in many men out there and they are sufficient enough to make a woman happy. Here are they –

  1. Understanding
    Women dig for men who are able to understand them and hold them in difficult times. They want their men to pay attention to their needs and understand them affectionately. It all starts when men learn to listen to them.
  1. Honesty
    A woman doesn’t like her man to lie about important things. She would want her man to trust her and be able to share his experiences, whether pleasant or unpleasant. She is not looking for a brutally honest man but honesty in general things will go a long way.
  1. Appreciation
    Women love to be appreciated. If a man compliments the woman and makes her feel special, she will return this love manifold.
  1. Compassion
    Every woman wants a good company so that she is able to enjoy life in his company. She never sees compassionate men as weak men but rather stronger than those who are hateful.
  1. Security
    Women need to feel secure not only financially but mentally as well. A man doesn’t need to be a millionaire to provide her that. She wants to know that you understand her fears and are able to keep her secure from them.
  1. Being herself in his company
    A woman needs to feel herself in her man’s company. She needs a listening ear from her man and wants to be sure that she can pour her heart out with her man.
  1. Blind loyalty
    A woman might know that she is not the most beautiful or the smartest woman in the world but she needs undying loyalty from her man. He must make her feel assured all the time that he will never let her go.



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