2016 has brought Twitter to a whole new level. If something is happening, it is on Twitter. Twitter has gradually turned into an outrage platform, thus, sometimes giving rise to some of the hilarious tweets. There have been several occasions in the past year where Twitter has been taken by storm. Here is a glimpse of few of such hilarious tweets that were seen on Twitter in 2016:

  1. The most meaningful relationship ever twitter.com This guy namely Bratticus whose profile says, “I am retired. I invented dice when I was a kid.” Posted this image with the tagline “one of the most fulfilling relationships I’ve had”. He, later on, posted another photo where he had received the message “You were a good tenant”, to which he got many comments.
  2. Name Game twitter.com This one is definitely hilarious. The guy is in a way correct. Add a vowel and it is balanced.
  3. Life in a nutshell twitter.com Reading teaches you more than you will ever realize. This tweet proves that. The likes and re-tweets received on this one make you think whether there is any truth in it?
  4. Those Loyal Followers twitter.com Jake aka @Pawksy tweeted this video with the tagline “The three followers that always like/re-tweet all of your tweets”. This was more than hilarious and got numerous likes and re-tweets. Well, he definitely has more than three loyal followers.
  5. Pokemon Go vs Tinder twitter.com There is no connection at all between Tinder and Pokemon Go. But that is what most of us think. But not this guy who actually has made a valid point.
  6. What working hard in a relationship seems like twitter.com Maybe that’s what a difficult relationship would be feeling like for tech savvy people.
  7. Desi Parents vs White Parents twitter.com This was probably a point on comparison yet hilarious in its own way.
  8. Stages of having a crush elaborated twitter.com An otherwise very good photo elaborated in a typical college boy thinking. This would probably make you take another look at the photo and think that this guy probably has a valid point.
  9. Trump Effect twitter.com The 2016 US elections saw loads of hilarious takes on Trump and this one stands out. The comments that this tweet received included similar kind of takes on Trump including: “I’m telling You Barak, Just Do it!! Just Meet him with ‘Assalam Alaikum.’ His head will explode!” ” … Joe”
  10. US Anthem twitter.com Another tweet that went tremendously viral regarding Donald Trump was this video that was captioned as “The new National Anthem” which had two guys singing in the subway.
  11. Cheating on girlfriend reactions twitter.com @AbdiTV posted this video with the caption “when your girlfriend finds out ur cheating and starts asking questions”. That was indeed hilarious and a lot of inquiries came up in comment box asking for the full link to the video.
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