Beauty tips are everywhere. You find them in magazines, on internet, newspapers… basically everywhere. But many of them are myths too. So it somehow becomes difficult to judge what to believe and what not to. There are certain things that have been considered as old wives’ tale and hence as a myth. However, some of these believed-to-be-myths are actually true. Some of them are bizarre and freakish which made us throw them into myth category. Here are few such beauty myths that are in fact true:

  1. Rubbing your eyes causes wrinkles
    Turns out our grandmother were right after all! This is one of the most common believed myths but the truth is the back-and-forth moment of our knuckles against the delicate skin of eyes can over a period of time start giving birth to wrinkles. Hence, instead, start rinsing your eyes with cold water after every few hours.
  2. Tight ponytails and buns can cause hair fall
    This is majorly believed to be a myth. However, it is not. Any tight hairstyle whether it is a simple bun, a ponytail or any other can cause tension at the scalp, thus giving the pressure at the roots which would lead to scarring hair loss. This usually means that those hairs would rarely grow back. Thus, it is better to go for loose hairstyles.
  3. Storing perfume in fridge is more beneficial
    The common belief is that perfume should be stored in cool and dry place. And a majority of us do that. Maybe the idea of storing perfume in the fridge would sound odd. Chemicals and oil used in perfumes are very fragile and can be easily affected by extreme temperatures especially if it is heat. Thus, if you live somewhere hot, storing perfumes in the fridge would be very ideal.
  4. Lip Balm is very addictive
    As in not alcohol or cigarette type addictive, but it is addictive to your skin. This is because your skin may get accustomed to certain ingredients that are used in lip balms such as menthol, camphor, and salicylic acid. These ingredients normally cause dryness that will make you use more lip balm, thus making you get used to it.
  5. Long term use of certain products give good results
    Normally, it is believed that certain beauty products like shampoo, conditioners, and moisturizers should be changed after some time period. But the truth is that sticking to them would, in fact, give better results. It is definitely okay to change few products after a certain time but don’t do that on regular basis. It would only cause more harm than good, since our body needs time to get accustomed to these products.
  6. Regular usage of makeup will cause acne
    You may have grown up hearing that one should not use makeup on a daily basis, as it would only harm your skin. The truth is that only the wrong type of makeup, the one that does not suit your skin will cause acne. The thing to be very careful of while using makeup is not to leave it on while sleeping. That will definitely harm your skin.

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