Nowadays owning a DSLR is no big deal. Anyone and everyone are seen with a DSLR, clicking away random photos, uploading them on social media and tagging them under their name “X Photography”. However, here the talk is about actual real photographers, the one who lets their work speak. Studies say there is a clear relation between person’s attractiveness and his creativity. This study was done in the University of Pennsylvania which says that a professional photographer rank 7th on this list while a Musician is at the top.  Here are few other reasons why photographers make great life partner:

  1. They will give attention to minor details
    Photographers have a great trait of noticing every single thing; even if it is very minor. They will undoubtedly pay attention to every single thing and face it. And we all love when someone pays such attention to us!
  2. Travelling is in their blood
    As a photographer, their profession will take them places. Whatever type of photographer they are, they would undoubtedly travel a lot and obviously take you along. Travelling comes with its own benefits like experiencing more, interacting with different cultures and such. Thus, being with someone who lives life to the fullest would be an adventure itself.
  3. They are very organized
    Since photographers would have to be constantly on move, they are used to packing on last moment’s notice. They would normally have lots to carry including heavy and expensive equipment which would require a lot of care. Hence, they would be very careful of that which would make them very organized.
  4. They will always make you look good
    Photographers will find best in anyone. Having a photographer as your partner would mean having someone who would make you look good in any circumstances and anywhere. They would make you pose differently, make you stand that way or this way and find your best angle. Thus, basically, you will be appreciating yourself more and more.
  5. They are good with people
    Photographers interact with every type of people. Their profession needs them to be patient and careful with their clients and hence, eventually making them a good interactor. They know very well how to make others feel comfortable in an awkward situation and are ever smiling. Thus, being with someone who is good with others is surely an icing on the cake.
  6. They are very independent
    The majority of photographers nowadays work on freelancing basis by collaborating with others. Thus, this makes them very independent and confident. This sense of responsibility, confidence, and independence is what they will bring to the relationship, overall making it a very attractive trait.
  7. They constantly learn new things
    Photography is something where technology is ever changing. Hence, a photographer has to remain constantly updated and in tune with the changes happening. They would keep on experimenting and learn in the process. This would make them curious and open to new things which will bring freshness to your relationship.

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