Cristiano Ronaldo Shots that prove he is the best!. . .

Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely and without any doubt one of the best soccer players of the century. It is said that CR7, as he is popularly called, knows how and in what way to put the ball in the net. That is why the Portugal National Team and the Real Madrid player have catapulted him to be one of the finest and accomplished footballers of the decade.
Here we have made a compilation of some of the best shots he has made in the football history. Let us have a look.

  1. Champions League, 2009
    The match between Real Madrid and Olympique de Marseille at the Champions League saw Cristiano Ronaldo deliver an incredible free kick from a distance of about 30 meters over the bar.

  2. International Friendly Match, 2013
    The friendly match between Portugal and Ecuador in 2013 saw some of the best shots of Cristiano. He did an incredible volley against the Ecuadorian defender which equalized Portugal to 1-1 with Ecuador.

  3. La Liga, 2011
    This match between Malaga and Real Madrid is said to be Cristiano unstoppable version. With a back-heel that confuses the Malaga goalkeeper, CR7 created a record of his 10th hattrick. One of the best remembered moments from the match was his delightful dance after scoring the goal.

  4. La Liga, 2014
    The La Liga match between Real Madrid and Valencia saw CR7 scoring his 50th goal. The highly exciting match saw Real Madrid almost losing it out to Valencia until Cristiano scored the goal in 95th minute. He pulled out a back-heel and scored a goal which won the match for Real Madrid.

  5. Champions League, 2012
    In the match between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid in 2012, Cristiano scored a candid goal against Roman Weidenfeller ending the match 2-1 against the German team.

  6. International Champions Cup, 2013
    In the match between Real Madrid and Chelsea, Cristiano delivers a superb free kick. He made the crowd go crazy when he did the kick with his right foot, something which he hasn’t done before.

  7. UEFA Champions League, 2008
    In the final match of UEFA Champions League, Cristiano did something commendable. He didn’t use either of his foot but scored the goal with his head. The fact is there isn’t anything that this guy cannot do.

  8. UEFA, 2009
    Cristiano Ronald describes his strike in the match of Manchester United vs Porto FC as one of the best in his career. He launched a move from the mid-field and scored his second best goal of his career, resulting in his team Manchester United moving into the semi-finals.

  9. Premier League, 2008
    In the match between Manchester United vs West Ham, Cristiano did something spectacular again. He moved the ball inside the net just by using his groin in one of the most epic shots.

  10. Champions League, 2013
    In this epic match, Cristiano literally dances over his defender and suddenly kicks the ball over the head of the goalkeeper into the upper corner of the goal post. In the next moment, he exults in joy.


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