We all are continuously in search of new drinking games that would make our next party a lot of fun and a night to remember (or not!). These games surely assure a good partying night, loads and loads of fun and maybe a headache too. All that is needed for these fun-filled games is a group of enthusiastic participants and some booze. Here are few promising fun-filled drinking games that you can try out at next party:

  1. Most Likely
    In this game, everyone sits in a circle and the “most likely” question is asked randomly. For instance: who is most likely to get married first? On the count of three, every person in the group will point at the one they think is most likely to get married and the person whose name was called out the most will have to drink for every person who pointed out the name. Hence, if five people took the name, the person will have to take five drinks!
  2. Bite The Bag
    This game gets funnier after every round and is very hilarious. Place a paper bag on the floor and a player would have to reach down towards the floor to pick it up with their mouth. However, only your mouth is allowed to touch the bag. If the player fails to pick the bag up, they would have to take a shot. After the completion of each round, an inch from the top of the bag would be cut.
  3. Medusa
    This is a fun game to play if you are a group of more than 6 people. Form a circle around the table and place a couple of shot glasses ready on the table. Everyone will put their head down and on the count of three, each player will look at another player. If two people find themselves looking at another they would yell “Medusa” and take a shot.
  4. High or Low
    This is a cards game. The player will be given a card and will have to take a guess as to whether it is high or low. If the guess is correct, he will have another go. A player can have up to three chances at a go. On an incorrect guess, the player will have to take a shot for each card that has been shown.
  5. Mr. Freeze
    In this game, one person will be appointed to be Mr. Freeze. Put on some music and everyone will sway to it. At some point, that person will freeze, after which everyone will follow the suit. The last person to do so will take a shot. Choose a new Mr. Freeze after every round to have more fun.
  6. Drunk Jenga
    This different Jenga version is also known as Drunga. Write a different to-do on every Jenga block and play with your drinks ready. The person who will knock down the tower will take the drink and also perform the task written on his/her block.

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