A very traditional way of getting married where basically parents of both bride and groom choose each other for their children, arranged marriage is still very much prevalent in India. We live in a society where marriage means merging of two families. When you are getting married to someone, you are getting married to the whole family. The idea of arranged marriage may seem weird to those from Western regions as marrying someone whom you don’t know completely, does seem outrageous. However, studies say arranged marriage has a higher success ratio. Here are few side effects of arranged marriage:

  1. Focus on materialistic aspects
    Since arranged marriage is basically a choice made by parents, a girl’s parents would be looking for aspects like a well-settled boy who has a good salary, good family, good social standing and such. While it is perfectly natural that a girl’s parents would prefer a guy who has a good standing in his life, a guy who is slightly struggling is not at all considered.
  2. Decision to be taken after few meetings
    Sometimes it does happen that few couples decide to marry each other after just one or two meetings. It may sound normal to some but most would argue that how can anyone decide to marry some after just 2-3 dates. Understanding each other would surely take time and hence nowadays the couple is given as much time as they need to take the decision.
  3. Love is not the first priority
    The love between the couple has never been the first priority in arranged marriage. Most parents tell their children that love will eventually blossom between them. This may seem like a compromise to some but with changing times the couple is given enough courtship period wherein they can know each other and understand each other, eventually falling in love.
  4. Family Interference
    An arranged marriage will be a marriage between both the families and in most of the cases; the girl will be living with her in-laws. Hence, she will have to adjust according to the whole family post marriage. Living with the whole family too comes with its own pros and cons and while some may consider it as interference, others would probably enjoy living in joint family.
  5. Expectations from families
    In most of the cases, a groom’s family has expectations from their to-be daughter-in-law. Some families are very adamant about what qualities they require and whether they want a career oriented girl or not. Because of these, sometimes a girl has to give up her career dreams and compromise on what she wants from life. Things are changing quickly in urban areas but not much has changed in rural areas.
  6. Not easy getting out
    In the case of marriage not working out, there is no easy way of getting out. This is because families from both the sides are actively involved, social standing is affected and what will people say is one of the biggest concerns here. Thankfully, with times changing, this thinking is also slowly changing and hence, people are getting more practical than worrying about others.

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