Till date, many adjectives have been used to describe what an incredible country India is. However, most of these words fail to match up the real beauty of India. India is such a vast and culturally rich country that any amount of words used to describe its beauty may never do justice. However, there have been loads of photos that have been taken over a period of time that show India’s beauty. After all, a photo does speak more than a hundred words. Here are few such photos that show what India really is:

  1. Golden Temple
    This is an absolutely beautiful photo that shows Golden Temple against dawn and its lights on. The photo was featured in Smashing Magazine and shows Golden Temple in its full majesty.
  2. My Hidden Eye
    This photo was taken by Krishna Chauhan in Assam. The photo shows a boy peeking out of the door and the zoomed-in photo captured his very expressive eye in its very raw form.
  3. Golden Chedi
    Photographer Pingal Chanda captured this photo in a small town of Chirimiri near Chhattisgarh. The golden yellowish tinge almost makes the photo look real and creates a very dramatic effect.
  4. Heart You
    A woman’s henna-decorated palm holding flower petals symbolizes India’s tradition. This photo was uploaded on Flickr and is one of the top photos in the categories of “All Things India”, “Flowers and Colors” and “Indian Wedding”.
  5. Taj Mahal, the other side. Agra
    India’s one pf the most priced monument Taj Mahal is a splendor in itself. However, the other side of Taj Mahal is not really pretty. That side is shown beautifully here in this photo.
  6. Little Red Riding Hood
    This photo captures the curiosity of little girl who is taking in the happenings of the railway station. Her bright red outfit creates a conflict against the bright blue train and hence, makes the photo perfect.
  7. Shadow of Darkness
    This photo has been taken by Kalu Vajabhai Bharwad in Vadodara. The photo amazingly captures the essence of the once existing practice of sitting down on the floor to cook. Though the practice is still ongoing in rural areas, it is now majorly forgotten. The shades of gray and black in the photo make it very beautiful.
  8. The Indus
    Jayanta Roy has taken this photo in Ladakh, India’s beautiful barren land.  Indus River is the backbone of Ladakh and this photo shows the valley where Indus River meets Zanskar which makes a very important part of Ladakh.
  9. Warriors Within
    Photographer Biswajit Patra of Kolkata captured warriors of Nagaland in action. People of Konyak tribe of Nagaland are popular for their love for war, attire, and culture and are also known as headhunters of North East India.
  10. Tata Ace-The True India Truck
    This photo was featured in Smashing Magazine. Overloaded vehicles are a common sight in India. However, this photo surely speaks a lot. An exhausted driver is captured loosening up and the truck showing how much load it actually carried.

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