STORIES NEED NOT ALWAYS BE LENGTHY! READ THESE TWO LINE STORIES THAT YOU WILL READ TWICE. . . Stories need not be lengthy and filled with pages to keep you hooked. There are so many two-lined stories that will touch your very core and stir the emotions in you. After all, a few words are just as capable of moving you like a hard-core book does. Here are few very short two-line stories that will simply leave you speechless:

  1. Reaching Heights Her husband pushed her after taking her to a height, despite her continuous pleading and requests. She ended up enjoying a swing for the first time and wondered why she was scared of it.
  2. Leaving Back Joy “All my toys are yours.” Read her brother’s death note.
  3. The irony Cries of a 7-year young, cuddled in his mother’s arms, stopped on getting the chocolate he wanted… Handed over by a 5-year old one at the other side of the counter.
  4. Watching from beyond She approached slowly and sat next to me. I can see her crying while she places a rose next to my grave.
  5. Life Destroyer He grabbed her neck and smashed her head against the wall, screaming, “You destroyed my life. You destroyed my life.” The alcohol bottle broke into tiny pieces, however, leaving her smell on his clothes as a goodbye memory.
  6. Independence yet? “Happy Independence Day!” he greeted the poor child who was selling Flags at the traffic signal and then handed her a coin, taking care not to touch her. Somewhere far away, the soul of Gandhi sighed.
  7. What age does Mom and dad forgot grandpa at the old age home And they say he has Alzheimer’s.
  8. Mom is the word OK Google Wake me up @6 Remind breakfast @9 Remind class @10 Google: Calling mom…
  9. Boxing Champion feels Boxing champ at 23, won many trophies Felt strongest, when he opened the pickle jar for mom
  10. Lifetime memories Both of them carried memories of their relationship after it ended. For him, it was the guitar. For her, it was the baby.
  11. Making the world more beautiful The day hearts replaced faces, The world looked more beautiful

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