PM Narendra Modi’s habits that we all should follow in our life. . .
India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi doesn’t need any explanation or description. From a small roadside tea vendor to becoming India’s PM via being the CM of Gujarat is really commendable. He is not only a great leader but has also taken India on the global front. But we shouldn’t consider him to be just a political figure; he is also an inspiration to the entire nation. Let us do a review of some of his habits which we all should follow in our life.

  1. Fitness
    Fitness is now almost a utopian term to us given the way we work and the food we consume. But we should really learn from Narendra Modi in how he practices yoga even at 65 yrs of age. This is an important part of his daily schedule which keeps him energized all through the day.
  2. Discipline
    Narendra Modi is known for being a strict disciplinarian. Be it his food habit, or keeping commitments, he is a much disciplined person. This is something we must follow.
  3. Determination
    Ever since his childhood, he was determined to make it big with his life. His association with the RSS at an early age show how focused he was. With this resolve, he became the PM of India.
  4. Oratory skills
    Narendra Modi is undoubted, one of the best public speakers in the country. He always has something in his speech which forces us to turn our mind to him and acknowledge what he has to say. On the Independence Day, we saw him giving the speech without reading it from any paper and that speech is considered to be one of the most remembered speeches made by any Indian PM.
  5. High energy
    The 64 year old PM can give anybody a run for the money with the amount of enthusiasm he shows. He never falls short of energy in whatever he does, be it answering questions to the students or playing drums in Japan.
  6. Endurance
    He is a man who never runs out of patience. He patiently waits for completion of a task before jumping to conclusion whimsically. The way he remains calm and quiet in face of adversaries and deals with them is really commendable.
  7. Love for detailing
    He is a meticulous planner and accurate in whatever he does. Before becoming the PM, he did 400 rallies to reach the teeming Indian population and know about their needs and shortcomings. This has helped him a lot in planning his future strategies.
  8. Tech-savvy
    He is a complete tech savvy and loves to keep himself updated with all the latest developments in the tech world. He is regular on twitter and keeps tweeting about important events in his life regularly. But he is not a slave to technology and that is what we should learn.
  9. Leadership skills
    He is not only a great PM but is also a man of words. He proposed to work one hour extra than his subordinates and he has kept his promises. This is a sign of a great leader.
  10. Modest
    In spite of being the PM of the world’s largest democracy, he has not become arrogant and pretentious. The way he addresses the nation shows how grounded and humble he is. He is a living example of how humble we should be.

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