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How do wear your wear your feminism? As a smirk when asked about your marriage plans? On a dress that, for a change, has utility pockets (not the moronic fake ones)? That begs to be not called pantsuit — a suit is a suit? The story around feminism is an one that is unmissable. A particular allegation (hyperlink) opened the floodgate for countless instances across the world. The Indian internet had much to add to the conversation. In that sense, the past few months have been a landmark in the history of addressing systemic abuse that was female. These are times, if not the perfect.

So, in 2018, wear your belief system as badge of honour… in your ears, maybe? If you are a feminist who has thing for baubles, you are in luck. We browsed the internet for nine badass earrings that mirror your opinion on oppression. Expecting the eligible guys take a clue.

1. This silver jhumka has the term nidar (translates into bold) engraved through its upper disc. If you are wanting to make a statement about your resolve, this should be it.


2. Nakhrewaali is famous for its accessories. Our heart is particularly set on this pair that uses Punjabi slang to cut to the chase. It reads nakhrewali, which basically means that you are a force of nature.


3. Eina Ahluwalia earrings are a must-have. These danglers that feature eagles. No wonder they’re monikered “The Fearless Earrings”.


4, The triangle has been long known as the symbol of femininity academically, the sign of female genitalia. Snap up these wood and metal earrings that celebrate this historical feminine representation.


5. These supersized hoops that low-key dismiss the idea of beauty ideals. Imperfection can be beautiful and these earrings are evidence.


6. FYI, fashion editors and influential feminists universally regard, hoop earrings, as an accessory of empowerment. Get in the hood with the biggest, baddest hoops of all time.


7. These skull earrings are tailor-made for all the badass chiquitas who know how to hustle their way on public transportation. It is a skill, women.


8. Nothing says “no” such as both golden words, fuck off. Apologies for the profanity, but times when the two-letter word fails to get past a possible offender, bring this warning of a pair out.


9. Lastly, these earrings are for all the feminists who have only love for their fellow foxy ladies. Here’s to always pulling against each other up.


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