Exclusive: Florida Public School Teacher Has A White Nationalist Podcast. . .

The profile photo for the now-deleted Twitter accounts of “Tiana Dalichov,” left, and Dayanna Volitich’s staff photo on the Crystal River Middle School site, right.

Dayanna Volitich, a 25-year-old social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School in Florida, has been secretly hosting the white nationalist podcast “Unapologetic” under the pseudonym “Tiana Dalichov” and bragging about instructing her views in a public school, HuffPost has found.  

In her most recent podcast on Feb. 26, a guest railed against diversity in schools, disregarding the idea that “a kid from Nigeria and a kid who came from Sweden are supposed to learn exactly the same” and have the “same IQ.”   Volitich enthusiastically agreed with the guest, and went on to argue that “science” has proven that certain races are smarter than others.  

In the same episode, Volitich whined about bringing her white nationalist beliefs into the classroom and concealing her ideology from mates. She explained that when parents complained to the school’s principal about how she is injecting political bias into the classroom, Volitich lied to the principal and said it was not correct.  

“She believed me and backed off,” she said.

Volitich also agreed with her guest’s assertion that more white supremacists will need to infiltrate public schools and become teachers. “They don’t have to be vocal in their views, but get in there!”   her guest said. “Be more covert and just start taking over those places.”

“Right,” Volitich said. “I am absolutely one of them.”  

After HuffPost made questions about Volitich’s white nationalism into the Citrus County School District on Friday, “Tiana Dalichov” tweeted that she “might disappear for a while” and then put her accounts to private. She also scrubbed the site for her podcast.

HuffPost took screenshots of lots of the racist and incendiary statements she made online.


We also downloaded the episode of this week’s podcast, which you can listen to here (start at 01:30 for the aforementioned comments).

The school where Volitich functions is overwhelmingly white. In the 2015-2016 school year, almost 90 percent of the school’s pupils identified as white, per the National Center for Education Statistics. Only about 4% of students identify as black, and 3% identify as Hispanic. Most of the school’s students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.

Scott Hebert, executive director of instructional services for the Citrus County School District, couldn’t affirm that “Dalichov” was Volitich but said the district “will be looking into the statements she made, checking the validity to see whether they violate our code of ethics and policy.”

“She doesn’t speak on behalf of the Citrus County School District,” Hebert said. “The views she’s listed [online] are not based on how our district works.”

“Tiana Dalichov” didn’t respond to HuffPost’s requests for comment on Facebook and Twitter on Friday. She has since deleted those social media reports. Volitich didn’t respond to HuffPost’s message to her school email address on Friday.  

In the episode, “Tiana Dalichtov” talked openly about being a public school teacher, but didn’t reveal her name or the school where she worked.

HuffPost found a site promoting the writing of “Tiana Dalichov”  which had a bio section listing the author’s house as Crystal City, Florida. Volitich is listed in public records as living in Crystal City. She is also listed as being 25 years old. This year, when a fan tweeted “Tiana Dalichov” asking how old she is, she responded that she was 25.

On an episode of her podcast, she mentioned that last school year was her first year in the district where she works. Citrus County School District confirmed to HuffPost that Volitich started teaching in the district in August 2016.  

Volitich’s picture on the Crystal River Middle School site and social networking profile photos of “Tiana Dalichov” appear to feature the identical person. The photos show Volitich and “Dalichov” wearing the identical pair of earrings (seen at the top of this piece).

Last, the names “Tiana Dalichov” and “Dayanna Volitich” share all but two of the same letters and the same number of syllables.

In her podcast looks and social networking posts, Volitich talks regularly about being a teacher (even mentioning she teaches in Florida) and makes statements which are deeply alarming — particularly for someone tasked with forming the minds of middle-school pupils.  

On this week’s podcast, Volitich explained that when students ask her questions about current events, she reacts with impartial “facts.”

However, as “Tiana Dalichov,” Volitich has suggested “facts” like that terrorism will last unless Muslims are eradicated “from the surface of the planet.”


She has gushed about the work by famous writer  Kevin MacDonald, and has said the “JQ is extremely intricate.” JQ stands for the “Jewish Question,” an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Jewish people have undue influence over the media, politics and banking which must somehow be addressed.  

Angry White Men

Angry White Men

Angry Whtie Men

Many white supremacists across America today lead double lives, advocating loudly and anonymously for white supremacy and fascism online while holding down commendable jobs and doing their best to keep their lives hidden.  

A former Catholic substitute teacher and field hockey coach in Maryland was fired earlier this year after his school learned that he was also employed by the National Policy Institute — white supremacist Richard Spencer’s think tank — and the site Altright.com. He posted under a pseudonym on social media. Additionally, he was in charge of Spencer’s security detail during the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017.

Volitich made apparent on another podcast this year that her students know her political beliefs.  

She said we would not inform the students, fearing retribution from administrators. But she said she told them, “if you can figure out that I voted for, you can put the title in this basket on my desk and we’ll see just how a lot of you can figure it out … I will give your course a reward. ”’

She said all of her students guessed correctly by using “logic” and “engaging” with what she was teaching.


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